Advanced Tuning

Advanced Tuning

In this addition to Archery Info, we have a rather more advanced tuning guide, Tuning for Tens by Rick Stonebraker. It includes tuning for those who shoot using an elevated rest and a plunger assembly. 

It has been said that you can't tune any better than you can shoot. There is some truth to that. None the less tuning is a big deal for me. Nothing will get people who are new to drop Archery faster than shooting equipment that inherently has no hope of ever shooting the same way twice in row to begin.

I try to look at tuning as doing double duty. It makes for better equipment for you. Plus in order for your tuning to go well and produce good results it is an excellent form of "practice." It calls upon you to do your utmost to shoot with the best form and consistency that you can muster.

So without further ado, Tuning for Tens 




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