About Fender Archery

 Fender Archery Supply & Equipment is a family owned and operated company located in Clearlake California.

   The owners, Paul and Annette Fender have been actively involved in Archery for decades. Annette recalls shooting archery with her family clear back to the late 60’s. Paul has been shooting Archery since about 1998.

   Annette has won many local awards at 3D tournaments across California. During the last 10 years Paul has gone on to take Championship wins and set records at the State and National levels, including one World Championship win and World Record in the International Field Archery Association.

   Paul has also had a couple of articles published in an international magazine concerning technical aspects of Archery. He has even had one article published about him by a major tool manufacturing company. It was based on his unique use of their diagnostic and test equipment when he did the research for his earlier Archery articles.

   The goal at Fender Archery Supply and Equipment is to manufacture and provide quality Archery related equipment that is proven to deliver superior performance to all levels and types of Archery. That goal will be met by Paul and Annette based on science, their own long term experience, as well as by paying attention to the customer’s own preferences for that which delivers positive results for them personally.