Aero-Flight Test Data

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Aero-Flight Test Data

I had made note of the fact that our test data on the Aero-Flight vanes is available by request. But now that I have gotten that information about tuning posted, I wanted to make our test data easier to access. 

In its simplest boiled down form here it all is so far. Testing of course continues. 

Arrow Velocity @ Bow

fps=Feet per Second

Aero-Flights = 170 fps avg.

Blazer = 170 fps avg.

Spin-Wings=172 fps avg.


Arrow Velocity @ 30 Yards

Aero-Flights = 164 fps avg.

Blazer = 162 fps avg

Spin-Wings=164 fps avg.


Vane Length, Height & Weight

Aero-Flights 2”

6 grains


Blazer 2”

6 grains


Spin-Wings 2.75”

3 grains



Drop Test Aero–Flights vs Bohning Blazer

Negative Value = Aero-Flight hit lower than Blazer

Positive Value = Airfoil hit higher than Blazer

Rounded to nearest 0.25”

Yards    Drop

10)       -1.25”

15)       -1.00”

20)       0.00”

25)       +0.75”

30)       +1.00”

35)       +1.75”

40)       +3.25”


Drop Test Aero-Flights Aero vs Spin Wings

Negative Value = Aero-Flight hit lower than Spin-Wings

Positive Value = Airfoil hit higher than Spin-Wings

Yards              Drop

10)                   00.0”

15)                   00.0”

20)                   00.0”

25)                   00.0

30)                   00.0

35)                   00.0

40)                   00.0


Rate of Rotation


° /” = Degrees per Inch Travel

° / ‘= Degrees per Foot Travel

°/’ X fps = Degrees per Second

(°/’ X fps) / 360° = Revolutions per Second

[ (°/’ X fps) / 360°] X 60 = Revolution per Minute.



rpm = Revolution per Minute

Aero Flights

Aero-Flights installed straight fletch

Speed @ Bow 170 fps

Speed @ 30 yds 164 fps

Rotation = 124° in 12” @ 30 yds

Rotation = 3389 rpm



Blazers installed 2° offset angle fletch

Speed @ Bow 170 fps

Speed @ 30 yds 162 fps

Rotation = 100° in 3” @ 30 yds

Rotation = 2700 rpm


Spin Wing

Spin-Wings installed straight fletch

Speed @ Bow 172 fps

Speed @ 30 yds 166 fps

Rotation = 90° in 12” @ 30 yards

Rotation = 2490 rpm




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  • John Leck

    I’ve tried the Trad Vanes and they do shoot off the shelf well. Do these vanes shoot well off of the shelf? I’d like to give them a try if they do.

  • Mike Windemuller

    How do they shoot of the shelf?

  • Mike Windemuller

    How do they shoot of the shelf?

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