Aero-Flights -

Aero-Flights, not just for distance shooting.

            We just got some photos in from our friend Aaron from the San Francisco Archer’s Cabin Fever tournament. We were very happy to get these.

            We received some photos from Aaron a while ago where he was able to show us that the Aero-Flight vanes really do deliver better cast and lower drag with good arrow stabilization. That is what our own testing showed, but of course it is always good to get some positive feedback from independent sources isn’t it?

            What makes us so excited about the newest from Aaron is that they also show another important aspect of arrow flight. These show Aaron’s shots when stalking the deadly Wild Jackalope. Now if I recall correctly this target is shot from about 15 to 20 yards. Aaron made two excellent hits. Yes, we know that accuracy is ultimately up to the shooter. But if the shooter can’t get good flight stabilization quickly, then even the best of efforts won’t cut it.

            So, while just shooting his own game, Aaron was kind enough to take some photos that show that our Aero-Flights can stabilize an arrow in a short distance. And that allows a shooter to shoot their best at ANY distance.


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