An "Addition" to the "Family"

Paul here. In the past I’ve been making our armguards using this lovely old machine.

It’s been in Annette’s family since 1907. I was able to return it to full functionality a few years ago. It been great because being an old treadle machine, it has proven itself to be able to even sew leather. Nonetheless it has always been slow and cranky.

            Well, last Sunday we bit the bullet and went out and bought a new heavy duty Tuff Sew commercial sewing machine. After much research we drove down to Tom’s Vac and Sew in Vallejo California and bought this bad boy brand new. We had him fitted with a heavy flywheel to replace the hand wheel, and boy he sure gets the job done now. We call him “Big Wheel.”

And here he is in his new home!

We’re looking forward to putting Big Wheel to work with us.

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  • AAron

    Nice looking machine. I have been thinking of making my own tent as I find many design flaws in most tents that do not suit my needs. It is unlikely that my wife will let me use her machine, so I may be in the market for one soon.

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