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Archery and Family

One of the best parts of Archery is when the family is involved. Fender Archery is more than just a family owned company. Archery is a big and important part of our whole lives here. Our favorite part is when we get to shoot with our Grandsons, Ezra, Silas, and when he’s a little older, our youngest, Atticus.

                        This is three whole generations of shooters in our backyard, Paul, (Papa) Ezra, and our grandson’s father Thomas.

 Paul has always been into building various parts of his own equipment and researching technical aspects of Archery. Ezra helps when he comes to visit. Heck, even our dog Ursula seems kind of interested!


            Going to Archery tournaments is always a lot fun with the family. But if you’re going to a tournament you have to practice, right? One of our favorites is the 1,000, 000 B.C. Tournament which is all about dinosaurs. Silas takes practicing for that tournament seriously.

                        Here are both our boys, Ezra and Silas at the 1,000,000 B.C. Tournament. Young or old you get to run around in the woods and shoot bows and arrows at dinosaurs. I mean really, how could that NOT be fun!


            And at the end of the day, sure enough, practice pays off as both Ezra and Silas got to take home awards.


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