Being a Vendor!

Being a Vendor!

So we did the vendor thing at the Maya Archers Stickbow Classic yesterday. It went great!

First off HUGE thanks to Mike & Lisa Hall who surprised us by bringing us custom hoodies with our Logo on them.

Although there was some misunderstanding at first they brought with them an idea and the set up to run a free drawing. Just sign up and and you're in. We're going to keep doing that.

Met another vendor and they gave us some GREAT advice on different advertising channels. That will be VERY helpful.

Annette and I worked great as a team. Annette is really good talking with people, And she naturally knows everything about the cordovan tabs and the armguards. But then when folks got interested in our vanes, she sent them to me. That helped me devote individual time to people to talk about the development and science behind our vanes.

Over all it was a great success. We haven't been out on the shooting circuit for several months and we were able get ourselves back out there. Meet new people and reconnect with old friends. We WILL be doing this again! 

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  • Louise Bradley

    Love this picture, great work everybody, it all looks very professional!

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