New Products!

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New Products!

It has been a while since we’ve added to our blog, but you might say we’ve been kind of saving up and getting prepared. At long last we’re finally able to announce the addition of two more products to our store!

We now have field quivers available. Double stitched and riveted to ensure long life, strength and durability. They come with 3 LARGE arrow tubes, and a storage pocket. The belt loop is made to fit a 2” wide belt. And of course, they come with the color accent bars to completement our arm guards, vanes, whatever and however you might want. Mix and Match! More about the quivers can be found here:

This is our first ready for production and sales quivers.


We have also added another style of Shooting Tab. We call them our “Heavy Metal” Tabs. The palm plate is made of 1/8” thick brass. For those who want it, this makes the tab plate truly rigid. The palm plate is also larger fore and aft. This is done in order to further assist in keeping the back of the string hand flat, yet relaxed, for a good release. Rest assured though that these tabs are still made of our top quality true Cordovan leather. You can read more about Heavy Metal here:

Here is a photo I happened to have saved of one our first early Heavy Metal prototypes that was trimmed to fit and then shot in while we examined manufacturing feasibility and shooting qualities.



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