New Style Armguard

New, New Riveted Armguard -

New Style Armguard

It has been a while since we've come up with a new product here at Fender Archery. We thought of this for a completely different look. Chrome rivets and buckles on black leather.

Been shooting with it for a while now. Field testing I guess you could say. Its still double layer leather with reinforcements. The reinforcing rods prevent any worries or problems about snagging yet allow the creation of a rather more Medieval look. The straps are the same comfortable leather as the body of the armguard. Naturally we make them with extra long straps like our other Armguards. This allows for custom hole punching for the buckles or length trimming for the best fit or to allow for restraining long sleeves or jackets. You know, for of us who shoot no matter what the weather. 

It got really good feedback on its looks at shoots, and we now have some ready for sale on our website:

Look for LH and RH Riveted in the drop down menu for selecting style and color.


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