Our First Blog Post

         Today Annette and I, Paul, are making our first blog post for Fender Archery Supply and Equipment.

         Naturally there is some introductory information about us on our “About Fender Archery” page that can be found here:


           First, and most important thing though, is to thank our family in our lives that have helped Annette and I to even made this possible to begin with.

           We owe a huge Thank You to Louise Bradley, Lisa Stewart Hall, Jarred Winn and their whole families for giving up their time and patience to help us.

            My friend, Jim Conger’s contribution was invaluable. He had a huge impact on the technical side of developing our Areo-Flight arrow vanes

            I would also like to thank my friends and fellow archers who gave up their time to do some initial informal product testing for us. You know who you are. 



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  • Ben Maher

    Excellent stuff guys ! Great to see good people putting out good equipment !

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