Road Trip

Annette and I went on a little road trip yesterday. We went south down to Santa Rosa CA. Took care of some personal stuff but the big deal was we hit a local Archery Shop. we're friends with the owners. Although our online store is our focus, and building up inventory is taking up a lot of our time, we're also looking to get our products out there through the Archery shops as well. 

We did sell some of our products, so that was good. But really, to be perfectly honest the biggest benefit wasn't from the sales. Even if we had sold nothing,the trip would have been well worth it. 

We know it won't always go so well but it was really good to work with a friend for our first ever sales call. You see the real benefit came from what we learned about the market that the true "brick and mortar" Archery shop faces. Yep, all about marketing, and advertising, and pricing structure, and all that "fun" stuff. LOL.


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