Western States Traditional Rendezvous

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Western States Traditional Rendezvous

We went to the Western States Traditional Rendezvous last weekend and did our vendor thing Finally have some time to write about it. This is an event that is held every year, but each time it is held in a different state. It draw shooters from all over the West Coast. 

This was held at Rancho Neblina in Petaluma CA. It was really nice weather the first day but the second day turned cold wet and rainy. We had to pack up a bit earlier than we had planned, just to protect our inventory. Our packaging is good. But who wants to deal with drying out and getting water spots off of a bunch little clear bags?

We learned a lot! For one thing if we chose to pursue being vendors at tournaments, we just have to seriously consider getting a travel trailer. :) But really one thing that is great about these events is how nice everybody is. Most of what we learned came from other vendors who have doing this for a long time. Also, whether vendors or shooters, folks who had travel trailers were more than happy to show us their trailers and tell us things about owning and using one. 

As it stands now, we're looking at being vendors at two more tournaments. There's 1,000,000 BC which is hosted by San Francisco Archers at their range in Pacifica CA. It's two days of getting to run around in the woods, right on the coast, and shoot bows and arrows at dinosaurs. I mean how can that not be fun! That will be on 08/03/19 and 08/04/19.

Then there will be another tournament at Rancho Neblina on 09/28/19 and 09/29/19. 

Well, either one or both, we hope to see you there! If you get a chance stop by and say "Hi!"



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