Workshop Upgrades

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Workshop Upgrades

Since Annette and I decided to add quivers to our product line up we realized that we needed to do some things to upgrade our processes and work space.

First off, we got a laser engraver. Note the super cool safety glasses! 😊 We got it so we could easily get labels onto our products. Nice and understated and no irritating labels hanging out everywhere. Nothing to interfere with or detract from the functionality of the product.

Then we went ahead and got a much better, more professional, sewing table. It helped a LOT with making the quivers. So far they are both the largest and most “complicated” thing we make.

Funny part is that we wound up getting this from Tom’s Vac and Sew in Vallejo, just like our sewing machine, “Big Wheel.” We were in Santa Rosa CA just doing some research on the idea, and we texted Tom, needing some additional info on our machine. Turns out he had just begun carrying these tables which are specifically made for the machine we got from him. Let me tell you, HUGE improvement! 😊


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  • Louise Bradley

    You guys are rocking it, so professional!!

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