Leather Bags

We now offer handmade small leather bags. Perfect for keeping an assortment of archery necessities such as a spare string and string wax, or a spare emergency tab or release.

They are made from high quality, top grain 5 oz. upholstery leather. This gives them good durability while still remaining soft and flexible.

The draw string is paracord in order to also improve durability over using simple leather lacing.

There are several options available as seen in the photos. With or without decorative hardware, or colored decorative stitching, or even leather and paracord in different colors.

Special orders are available, such as to specify decorative hardware or color schemes, or even add a ring so that the bag can be clipped to a belt or quiver. Size shown is 6" x 7" but larger or smaller sizes are also available.

Please email us at pafender@fenderarchery.com if you want to order something special.