Leather Foot Top Protector

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  • Many people like resting the bottom limb of their bow on top of their foot when not actively shooting The Foot Top Protector snaps over shoe laces and lays down on top of the shooter’s foot. When resting a bow’s bottom limb down, the protector provides a convenient place to set the limb, while also keeping the tip or cam free from damage and looking good.
  • The protector offers another nice benefit. During a long day, repeatedly setting the limb down on top of the foot can become very irritating. If the tip is especially narrow it can become near painful. The protector not only protects the bow, it protects the top of your foot and prevents irritation.
  • The snap design enables one to adjust where the protector lays, up or down, in order to create the most comfortable placement. Just select laces higher or lower on the shoe and snap the protector around them.
  • The protectors are made with a 10 oz vegetable tan leather base. This makes the protector durable, and provides a good thick layer between the limb and the top of the shoe and your foot. The top is 5 oz upholstery hide.
  • We’re also making these available in different colors for those who like to coordinate with their other shooting gear. They have a colored top on a black base. We even have a camo pattern available.