Leather Limb Tip Protector

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A slide on Limb Tip Protector made of a nice 5 oz upholstery leather. Allows for a snug fit to the limb tip while providing a good look and long lasting durable protection. This nice when the bottom limb has to be set down on the ground for temporarily leaning the bow against something.


Comes in two sizes. Small is appropriate for the narrow limb tips found on the American Flatbow style Long Bow. Large is made for the wider limb tips found on modern composite construction recurves. 

In the case of Self Bows, deep cored English Long Bow or Flat Bows with especially large decorative limb tip overlays, the Large would provide a better fit.

To install unstring bow. Remove string loop from bottom limb tip. Slide string loop into protector though small hole in protector back side and back out the larger limb opening. Fit string loop back over limb tip and back into tip string groove. Slide protector up and over limb tip. Pull and slide protector down limb as far as possible, positioning it and smoothing it down as you go. Restring the bow.

Using a limb tip protector helps keep the string on the bottom limb tip, and allows the top string loop to just slide down the top limb when bow is stored unstrung. This keeps the string in place with the same number of twists in it so Brace Height remains undisturbed.

As a note, these or any other limb tip protectors are not meant for long term storage of any bow. Storing a bow standing on its tip can lead to twisting the limb over time. For long term storage a bow should be hung from a single point from the string up near the limb tip, laid horizontally on two points on the limbs very near to the riser.