Replacement Cordovan Tab Face

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  • Due to how it is tanned Cordovan leather has proven itself to be the best choice for Archery finger tabs. It keeps a relatively hard and slick surface, it is very tough and durable, yet remains pliable.
  • We carry these 4" x 4" squares of Cordovan leather for those who wish to either trace out a pattern and repair an old damaged tab, or who would like to make their own tab from scratch.
  • The Shell Cordovan leather we use comes from a tannery in Toscana, Italy. One of the few remaining shell cordovan tanneries, who are well known for their high-end leathers.
  • Shell Cordovan is a rare, world-famous leather made of a specific layer of hide. The cordovan layer exists only in horse hides and has its maximum thickness on the rump area. One horse hide yields only two small oval pieces of cordovan - two “shells.” Using the centuries-old method of pure vegetable tannage and hand finishing, the tanning process takes a full six months to complete. The outcome is one of the world’s finest leathers and one that is highly coveted for its unmatched durability and wonderful patina.  
  • As the leather wears over time you can restore its luster by rubbing on Saphir Cordovan Cream and then buffing with a soft cloth. We have found that this particular leather treatment works very well for Cordovan leather.