Saphir Cordovan Cream

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  • Although not everybody uses a leather treatment on their Cordovan finger shooting tabs, we have found that Saphir Cordovan Cream is the best treatment available for those who do.
  • Saphir Cream is specially formulated using beeswax and vegetable oils so as to work best with the special Cordovan leather tanning process.
  • As a cream it applies easily and penetrates well. However, unlike other treatments it doesn’t cause the Cordovan leather to swell or become soft. When used on shooting tabs the face remains tough, slick, and relatively hard yet pliable.
  • We have found that when used as a pre-treatment, Saphir Cream helps keep your tab from becoming water-logged. Sometimes though it can't be helped, and even if your tab becomes soaked, use it after the tab is dry and the leather is restored to it's former qualities.
  • Saphir Cordovan Cream helps shooting tabs retain those qualities that make Cordovan leather the best choice for Archery finger tabs.