Serving Jig

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Here at Fender Archery Supply and Equipment we have taken the age old bowstring serving jig and applied a new, patent pending approach to its design and construction.

Our first improvement was to go to an “open” frame construction. This enables quick and easy loading of new spools of serving string. Just pull a retaining pin, slide off a couple of washers and then remove the old spool. Reloading a new spool is just as simple. Slide on the new spool, slip the washers back in place and install the retaining pin.

The open frame has made threading the serving into a simple single hole guide truly straight forward. Fast, easy, and uncomplicated.

Moving to an open frame design gave us another advantage. Setting a good serving string tension, keeping it constant during use, and then keeping that setting when serving materials are changed are all important aspects of laying down good bowstring servings. Our open frame has enabled the use of a simple coil spring and self locking nut to adjust and maintain serving string tension. Adjustment is fast and easy with the enclosed adjusting wrench. (1/2” open end wrench)

Perhaps most importantly though, the open frame design has enabled placing the tension adjustment in such a fashion that tension settings remain undisturbed when switching serving string spools. Changing the spool no longer calls for time consuming disassembly and resetting of string tension. Whether you have run out and need a new spool or you want to change to a different color or material, making that change is now just a matter of switch and go.

1/2" open end adjusting wrench is included.