Whistling Arrow Points

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A fun "accessory" to have no matter what you shoot is a whistling arrow point. That's a point that once shot, it emits a loud piercing whistle while in flight.

 Over the years we have found that these whistling points are the best we've used.

 The whistle sound they make is nice and loud

 Made of brass and aluminum, they're very durable, even when hitting the ground. Yet they weigh a mere 125 grains. A much more "reasonable" weight as compared to others that we have used, which weigh up to 230 grains.

 Their weight makes them perfect for any sort of casual Archery fun such as Clout shooting or Archery Golf, where one shoots over very long distances.

 They are convenient to use. The point shank thread fits any arrow that is using a point insert that is made to use the standard #8-32 screw in points.

 Also, should any debris wind up inside the point, the brass portion unscrews as a separate piece to make cleaning easier.

 We are also able to offer these nicer points at a lower price than what we have found elsewhere.

 For those who also enjoy shooting wood arrows we now also offer an adapter that enables you to use these whistling points and any other standard #8-32 screw in point on a 5/16” diameter wood arrow shaft. Learn more about them here: